We are the local Kingston Borough group of the London Cycling Campaignpromoting cycling in the borough and speaking up for everyone on bikes – children and adults.


Richmond Park, feeder ride to London Freecycle credit: Jon White

We promote cycling by:

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You can see where we have been on recent bike rides here.

Regular meetings

If you cycle, or would like to cycle, in Kingston please join us – usually we meet on the second Tuesday evening of each month, at a venue in the Borough.

The next  meeting will be on Tuesday 11th September  2018, 8pm start, at Kingston Environment Centre, New Malden,  by the Fountain roundabout: http://kingstoneco.org.uk/findus/ . You don’t have to confirm your place but if you want to phone ahead you can call Jon on 07984 757761. There is cycle parking near the venue.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Elaine Greathurst says:

    Hi i had 2 leave my bike in Kingston 4 traveling but now has been locked by a black lock and i cant take it away again. how can i retrive my bike as i do us it 4 transport 4 work?

  2. Andy Hayes says:


    There are a number of abandoned bikes at Kingston station and they’ve been there for some time. Spaces to lock up bikes are at a premium. Is there any update on when the council will remove them? Thanks

  3. Jean Cousens says:

    Please would you let me know if your organisation will be formally responding to the Riverside SPD consultation?I currently use the cycle path through Canbury Gardens and then cycle past the front of John Lewis riverside windows, through the tunnel under the road bridge, past the restaurants, turning left at Cote Brasserie ie before the sign ‘to dismount, as I find this safer than cycling through the town to reach the AncientMarket. Please would you confirm if this route is currently permissible and willl it cease to be permissible under the proposed SPD?
    I am a 58 year old female who commutes to Kingston every day. Thank you.

    Thank you
    Jean Cousens

    • jonfray2014 says:

      Hello Jean, Yes we will be submitting a response on the consultation. Currently the cycle route goes alongside the Thames beside Canbury Gardens and is shared use. The council propose to not allow cycling on that path but allow cycling through the Gardens -probably with a new path round by The Boaters. People (perhaps not cyclists) seem to be saying they don’t want cycling in the Gardens. Would you think it OK to cycle through the Gardens on shared paths rather than the narrow riverside path?

      Cycling on the waterfront beside John Lewis and under Kingston Bridge is not currently permitted as far as we know. I don’t think it is expressly signed as such i.e there aren’t any “No Cycling” signs, but the aren’t signs to say you can either.

      The mini-Holland programme includes a route from The Portsmouth route along the riverside to a point north of Kingston Bridge. The original proposal was for a pontoon type “boardwalk” that would go through the arch on the river but that seems increasingly unlikely. We want the SPD to include the mini-Holland concept of a continuous route.

      Best regards, Jon

  4. Francesca Clarke says:

    Why don’t you campaign for cyclists to be allowed along Clarence Street before 8am and after 6pm? Instead millions are being spent on taking bikes along the most dangerous section of road (especially during the roadworks) outside the station. I commute through kingston and want to take the most direct route to kingston bridge. Before 8am there are few pedestrians on this road.

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