June 2019 newsletter

In the June 2019 edition:

  • That’s more like it! (mini-Holland update)
  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods gaining popularity
  • News round-up

December 2018 newsletter

In the December 2018 edition:

  • We’re still a long way from mini-Holland
  • 20’s Plenty in Richmond – and Kingston too!
  • Some success on cycle parking

March 2016 Newsletter

In the Spring 2016 issue:

  • Kingston Council re-named Mini-Holland as Go Cycle but as the newsletter went to press they launched a third identity for it – Go Developments. Nick gives an update on what’s been happening, and worringly, what’s not…
  • London Cycling Campaign makes it easy for you to tell the Mayoral candidates that you want a city that is greener, healthier, safer and easier to get about
  • Details for our forthcoming monthly meetings – come along!

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