Bread pudding ride to Northolt

Sunday 25th July. A mostly dark day, with 1 light shower in the Morning, a few rumbles of Thunder & light Drizzle as we approached Tea, with steady Rain for the last part, saw 18 Cyclists split into 2 groups, leave via Kingston Bridge, Bushy Park, Fulwell, Twickenham, Whitton, Isleworth, Osterley Park, Norwood Green, (Photo’s), Southall, Northala Field to Northolt for an al-fresco lunch at ‘the Crown’, (Sizzle Pubs), Greenford, Hanwell, West Ealing, South Ealing, Brentford to Syon Park for Tea & Bread pudding,, at the newly opened Garden centre, Isleworth -with a short dismount section due to Roadworks-, St Margerets, Strawberry Hill, Teddington, Hampton Wick, Kingston Bridge to finish. 30 Miles, 1 new face, Special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to Ralph & Toni for back marking duties, thanks to John D for the BP.

Group 1 at Norwood green, Packhorse Bridge: Lindsay
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Bread pudding ride to Harmondsworth

Sunday 11th July. A surprisingly Sunny Morning, with more Cloud later, after 2 late cancellations, 1 no show & with 1 surprise guest saw 20 Cyclists in 2 groups leave via Kingston Bridge, Bushy Park, Fulwell, River Crane path, Whitton, Hounslow Heath, West Hounslow, Cranford, Harlington, Sipson to Harmondsworth for lunch at the ‘Crown’ with a few electing for the ‘Five Bells’, also stopping to admire the ‘Great Barn‘, (Photo group 2),

Group 2 with the Great Barn, Harmondsworth: Bai Kamara

then Harmondsworth Moor (with a few ‘slippery patches’), Poyle, Stanwell moor, Stanwell -with new Cycle path 🙂-, Ashford, Feltham, Hanworth, Hampton to Bushy Park (Photo group 1),

Group 1 with a few Deer in the background, Bushy Park: Lindsay Webster

for Tea & Bread pudding at the Pheasantry, Hampton Wick, Kingston Bridge to finish. 29 Miles, special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to John E & Mike F for back marking each group, Special thanks to Christine for the gorgeous Bread pudding.


Bread pudding ride to Bookham

Sunday 20th June. A Cloudy, but otherwise pleasant day after 2 late Cancellations, & 1 abandon before the start, due to a visit from the ‘P Fairy’, so 15 Cyclists split into 2 groups, leave via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, Tolworth & Greenway, West Ewell collecting 1 extra Cyclist, Long Grove Park, Epsom Common, pausing briefly at a Coal tax Post, also a short chat about Ashtead Common & why it’s owned by the City of London, Leatherhead, Fetcham, to Bookham, -not Pub in Little Bookham as originally planned, it turns out someone should have done a bit more research-, as the ‘Old Crown’ isn’t doing food at the moment, but does have very helpful, friendly staff & 2 Pet Rabbits, so we elected to stay, whilst some had come prepared, others found the local Co-op for grub, then with darkening Skies, Effingham, Martyr’s Green, Hatchford, Downside (Photo 1), Cobham, Fairmile, to Claremont Lake Cafe for Tea & Bread pudding, Esher, Hinchley wood, Long Ditton, Surbiton (Photo 2) to finish back in Kingston. Special thanks to Mags for group leading, thanks to Amy & Toni for Back marking each group, very special thanks to Christine for the BP.

Map:- www.plotaroute/route/954549

Group 1 Downside Bridge
Group 2 Queens Prom, Surbiton : Tracey C

2 Part ride to Cheam & Molesey Lock

Sunday 6th June, Part 1 A mostly cloudy Morning saw 18 (or was it 19) Cyclists split into 3 groups, leave via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, Tolworth & Greenway, Bonesgate path, Horton Country Park, West Ewell, Hogsmill open space

Group 1: Hogsmill open Space
Group 2. Nonsuch Park: Bai K

(Photo 1), Stoneleigh, Nonsuch Park (Photo 2), to Cheam for lunch at ‘Ye Olde Red Lion’ (Stonegate), – with a little confusion among the staff on the billing front-, North Cheam, Worcester park, New Malden, Berrylands to Kingston. Sub total 17 Miles. Special thanks to Bai & Steve F for Group leading, thanks to Chris F, Andrea & Amy for back marking each group.


Part 2, A slightly brighter Afternoon, with late Sun, saying farewell to 7, but hello to 7 fresh faces, this time split into 2 groups of 9, after an admin mix-up, leave via Skerne Rd & Path, Thames towpath, Aerospace estate, Ham lands, Teddington Footbridge, Teddington, Bushy Park, Hampton Court Bridge, -with a small detatchment of group 2, extra thirsty, taking a short cut-, Molesey, to Molesey Lock Cafe, with a ‘sedate service’, for Tea & Bread pudding, Thames Ditton, Giggshill Green, Portsmouth Rd & Cycle track to Kingston. Sub total 11Miles, Total 28 Miles. Special thanks to Carl for group leading, thanks to Bai & John E for back marking, thanks to John D for the BP.


Bread pudding ride to Ripley

Sunday 23rd May. A Blustery day, with a few short but heavy Showers saw 15 Cyclist after 1 late cancellation, split into 1 Group of 8, 1 of 7, leave via Portsmouth Rd Track, Surbiton, Long Ditton, Hinchley wood, Esher, Fairmile, Cobham, Hatchford, Ockham, to Ripley for an early lunch at the ‘Jovial Sailor’, with a fantastic canopy covering most of the Garden, -very handy, because a short Deluge from above, & somehow Group 2 got fed first, so they could leave first-, Send Marsh, passing the remains of Newark Priory, Pyrford, West Byfleet, Byfleet (where another Deluge for gropup 2, let group 1 almost catch the tail, thus time for a group 1 Photo),

Group 1 Brooklands Park
Group 2, Wey Bridge, from Brooklands Park: Carl S

Weybridge, Broadwater path, with a Fallen Tree, anyone got a Chainsaw ?, can’t go around it, can’t get under, we’ll have to lift our Bikes over the obstruction, now ‘Groupo Compacto’ as the Giro de Italia riders might say, to Walton Bridge for Tea & Bread pudding at ‘Wilde Bunch’, Walton on Thames, Molesey, Thames Ditton – with Group 1 Leader not watching the tail, so initially unaware that 1 person had suffered a mechanical, leading to an alternaive route home- (a reminder to keep an eye on the back marker, even if we are almost back to the finish), Portsmouth Rd & track to Kingston. Total 34 Miles, Special thanks to Carl for leading group 2, thanks to Steve D & Mike F for Back marking each group, Thanks to John D for the BP. Map:-

Note: For those familiar with the New Malden Raynes Park link, Kingston & Merton Council’s are looking for a name for this delightful route, there is a short-list of 4, I believe a 5th option will be added soon, but for now here is the link, open until June 2nd:- , after further thought, Beeline way will be an added option.

Fallen Tree being traversed : Carl S

Bread pudding Picnic ride to Burgess Park

Sunday 9th May, a very pleasant sunny day, much warmer than of late, saw 23 Cyclists, with 1 cancellation, split into 4 groups, but all groups seemed to play a version of Musical chairs at various stages of the day, (group 2 not being quite ready, so they were demoted to group 4). Leaving the Market place via Fairfield, Norbiton, New Malden, Raynes park, South Wimbledon, Wandle path, Earlsfield, with Group 3 suffering a visit from the ‘P Fairy’ meaning Group 4, now became group 2 ?, Wandsworth Common, Clapham Common, Vauxhall, Camberwell to Burgess Park for a Picnic lunch, pausing earlier at the Lime Kiln, the Camberwell Beauty Mosaic & also ‘Silent Raid’, an Art installation in memory of a Zeppelin raid from WW1,

Group 2 or was it 4 ? with the Lime Kiln, Burgess Park
Group 1 with the Camberwell Beauty, Burgess Park
Group 3 Brockwell Park

continuing via the Surrey Canal Path, Peckham, Dulwich, Brockwell Park, where an unfortunate coming together between 2 members of group 3, with 1 Bike unridable, & a slight Shoulder injury, meaning a Taxi ride home was the best option, thanks to members of Group 2/ 4, (if you’re keeping up), for there assistance, meanwhile ahead, due to an impromptu Loo stop, group 4/2 had briefly taken the lead, which was a surprise for group 1, Tulse Hill, Streatham Hill, Tooting Bec Common for a Tea & Bread pudding stop, Tooting, Mitcham, Morden Hall Park, Morden, Morden Park, Lower Morden, Motspur park, New Malden, Berrylands, to finish back at Kingston. Total 34 Miles. Special thanks to Bai, Carl, & Steve F for group leading, thanks to Toni, Steve D, Ellie & John E for back marking each group, thanks to John D for the BP.


Casualty Update: Having spoken to Tom this Afternoon, he is in good spirits, looking forward to getting back on the Bike & joining us on a ride in the near future.

10/05 RM

Bread pudding ride to West Horsley

Sunday 18th April. After another long break, a glorious Sunny Day saw 23 Cyclists, find 4 Leaders, so at 5 Minutes apart, via Portsmouth Rd Track, Long Ditton, Hinchley Wood, Claygate, Claremont -would the group leaders remember the clue-, Fairmile, Cobham, Hatchford, Ockham to West Horsley for a ‘Picnic Lunch’ at the ‘Barley Mow’, (as it was quite a struggle to find many Pubs doing Food just yet, after the latest Lockdown), Horsley Common (Photo), Effingham, Bookham, Fetcham & Pond (Photo’s Group’s 1, 2, 3 of course great minds think alike 😉), Ashtead, Epsom Common, Epsom, West Ewell, Stoneleigh, to Auriol Park for Tea & A Sumptuous Bread Pudding, Worcester park, New Malden, Berrylands to Kingston. Total 34 Miles, Very special thanks to Bai, Mags & Steve F for group leading, thanks to Mike, Andrea, Will & John E for back marking each group, special thanks to John D for the BP.

Group 4 Horsley Common
Group 1 Fetcham Mill Pond
Group 2 Fetcham Mill Pond

Group 3 at erm…., Fetcham Mill Pond


Roger’s review of 2020

Socially distanced lunch, Walton-on-the-Hill Credit Chris F

What turned out to be a very strange year, with various Covid lockdowns & other restrictions, had started very well with numbers at a record high of 21 after 6 Sunday rides, Midweek rides had also been well supported, with an average of 14, but then in March everything changed, the Government imposed a Lockdown to help control the Coronavirus, Covid 19, no group Cycling allowed 😦, the one other highlight from the early part of 2020, I was invited to visit Kingston Guildhall to receive a ‘Mayors Community award’, see fuller report here, after being nominated by Derek, a very great pleasure & surprise.

After a 3 Month Hiatus, and looking at the ‘new rules’, from the Government,- Groups of up to 6 are allowed to mix-, but with Pub’s & Cafe’s still closed for now, would there be any support for a ‘Picnic ride’, the answer was an emphatic Yes, so in late June, after recruiting a couple of ‘Co-pilots’, – Special thanks to Mike & Mags-, perhaps a bit too Hilly for a first effort, after such a long lay off, but all said they had enjoyed the outing, with a few more willing Co-pilots for the various rides, Sunday, Midweek, 2 part, Challenge & Evening, we resumed, but with new restrictions, a max of 6 per group, having to book in advance at any Pubs (some regulars not so keen on visiting a Pub, due to Social distancing constraints), and by September our parent body, LCC, decided we should all book in advance using ‘Eventbrite’, which actually worked very smoothly. Evening rides had an average of 10 from 3 rides, Midweek managed just under 11 from 4 rides, the various Sunday rides had an average of 17 before the second Lockdown in early November, restrictions lifted briefly for 1 more ride in December with 18, ( it would have been 24 if the Weather had been more helpful), then London was put in Tier 4, effectively another Lockdown.

Very special thanks to all the Co-pilots who have helped lead rides, Mike, Bai, Mags, Carl, Steve F, Jon W, Steve D & Steve J, sterling work all & very much appreciated by many other participants on the various rides.

As always thanks to John D for all the delicious Bread puddings in what should have been a very special twentieth anniversary Year. Special thanks to all the Back markers, whilst often not really necessary, it still gives reassurance to any new Cyclists, and is still required to satisfy LCC, our parent body.

It was very notable that Cycling in smaller groups, we reached the Lunch & Tea stops much earlier than when we Cycle in one large group, which will be food for thought when we can return to ‘normal service’.

We hope to resume group rides again, as soon as the rules allow, but for the foreseeable future, it has to be ‘solo Cycling’, let’s hope normality can resume early in 2021.

Bread pudding ride to Northolt

Sunday 13th December, to bring a very odd year to a close, a semi-Picnic ride. After 5 cancellations & 1 no show, a Chilly day, with drizzly Showers saw 18 Cyclists split into 4 groups, leave 5 mins apart via Kingston Bridge, Bushy Park, Fulwell, Twickenham, River Crane path, Whitton, Hounslow Heath, West Hounslow, Cranford, Sipson, West Drayton, Hillingdon, Hayes, Northolt to Northala Fields for Tea & Bread pudding

Group 2 Northala Fields, Tea stop credit: Bai Kamara

(Photo group 2), with leader of group 4 suffering a visit from the ‘P fairy’, a few also having a picnic lunch, then Southall, Brent Valley Park, Hanwell, West Ealing, Ealing, Acton, Chiswick green (Photo group 1),

Group 1 Chiswick Green, Credit: Lindsay Webster

Grove Park, group 1 having a visit from the ‘P Fairy’, seeing group 2 & 3 by-pass, & even group 4 before the group got back on the Road, Chiswick Bridge, Mortlake, Sheen gate Richmond Park, White Lodge, Ham gate, North Kingston to finish in the Market place. Total 35 Miles, 2 visits from the ‘P Fairy’. Special thanks to Bai, Mike & Carl for group leading, thanks to Ellie, Steve F, John E & Nigel for back marking each group, thanks to John D for the BP.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas, lets hope we can get back to ‘normal service’ early in the new Year.

Challenge ride to Downe

Sunday 4th October. A largely Wet day still saw 11 brave Cyclists, with 5 cancellations split into 2 groups rather than the 3 planned, leave the Fountain Roundabout via Motspur park, Joseph Hood Park, North Cheam, Sutton, Wrythe Green, & the new Pop up planters on Butter Hill, Beddington Park- with bonus points for anyone doing the Breaststroke in the ‘Guy Road Pond’-, Croydon, Heavers Meadow, Ashburton Field, Shirley, Coney Hall, Keston to Downe for a welcoming lunch at the Queens Head, High Elms, Farnbo0rough, Orpington, Southborough, Norman Park, Bromley, to Beckenham for Tea & Bread Pudding at Kelsey Park Cafe and Photo’s

Group 1 Kelsey Park
Group 2 Kelsey Park

Elmers End, South Norwood Country Park, South Norwood with more Pop up Planters 🙂, Heavers Meadow, Selhurst, Thornton heath, Pollards hill, Mitcham, Morden Hall Park, Merton park, Wimbledon Chase, Raynes park, to finish back in New Malden, Total 45 Miles, special thanks to Bai for leading group 2 also Carl for being ready to lead a third group, thanks to Mike F & John E for back marking duties, thanks to John D for the BP.